Bamboo Bolster Cases

  • Bamboo just for babies?!
    No way! We've got you covered too, matey!
    Have them for dailies to drive away the crazies
    And we promise you'll sleep just like the babies.


    • Pure 100% Bamboo
    • Fine 400 Thread Count Per sq. inch 
      or 620 Thread Count Per 10 sq. cm 


    Be a step closer to your beach villa holiday as perfect rest is at hand with our bamboo linen collection. Indulge in the soft and smooth organic bamboo linens made from one of the world's most sustainable and renewable plants. Their wicking abilities make them well-suited for Singapore's weather. The bamboo linens are also hypoallergenic, giving you peace of mind as you snuggle up.


    1 x Bolster Case

    (92cm - Length x 23cm - Diameter)

    Elastic Ends (No more need to tie them up!)

    Fits a bolster case of 95cm (Length) x 23cm (Diameter) 
    Elastic Ends (No more need to tie them up!)