Placing An Order?

See, click and cart! Lil fairies will attend to your fancy in a jiffy! 



The fairies work hard and deserve their fare. They accept an i bank transfer or a Paypal transfer. They also have a private phone number you can Paynow/Paylah too as well.  



Shipping is tracked and usually reaches you within 3 to 5 business days.

Park N Parcel is the most economical option where parcels are delivered to your preferred pick up point. You may collect your parcel from your preferred pick up point within its operating hours. You will receive an email after your purchase to advise you of the available pick up points. Thereafter, you must reply the email to make your pick up point selection.  

SmartPacs go straight to your doorstep via our trusty and reliable Singpost.  If you're not around to receive them, they can fit snugly into your mail box too.

Door-to-door means your parcels get sent to you at your door at your preferred time slots. There are 4 options available: Weekdays - Option 1 (9am - 1pm), Option 2 (1pm - 5pm), Option 3 (6pm - 10pm), Saturday - Option 4 (9am - 5pm) After you've made your purchase, you will receive an email that you must respond to in order to confirm your delivery option slot. the fairies have a delivery partner that will arrange a shipping timing with you to have it delivered safely to you. 

If you would like your bed linens RIGHT NOW, there's a same day delivery option. Please note that this option is available only during humanly hours between 9am to 10pm. However, rumour has it that chief fairy may sometimes stay awake through the entire night to create magic and send them after hours.

Returns & Refunds

Fairies take great care in producing premium. If you're not satisfied with the quality or we've mixed up your order, do get in touch and they promise to deliver. You can opt for a full refund with the return of the sheets (please don't wash them before returning) or you can opt for a one-to-one exchange. 

Privacy Policy

Fairies are all about secrecy and will never share your private information with anyone. 


The fairies know it might be hard to decide if what colours suit your new home, so if you'd like a fabric sample of a product sent to you, do contact them at plaitedpetals@gmail.com and they'll be happy to mail you one at no cost! 

Caring for your sheets 

The fairies advise that you: 

- Wash the sheets with similar colours.

- Machine wash them on a cold, gentle cycle. 

- Dry the sheets on low heat or out in the sun.

- Iron on low heat using preferably a garment steamer.

- Avoid bleach at all costs.


The sheets are delicate and love to be taken care of!



The fairies live in the enchanted forest where their concern is nature. Linens that you buy will be packaged all together in a linen bag/reusable box to reduce packaging waste. However, if you wish to package your items separately (or in a different manner),  just drop the fairies a note and they will help you to work things out.  



Au naturel is the way fairies go. There's nothing synthetic in the linens so it won't be the reason you sweat. Choose from the 100% cotton, 100% bamboo or 100% mulberry silk collection. Our fairies are constantly on the lookout for fine cloths that are fit for your dream rest.



Our Egyptian Cotton, Bamboo and Mulberry Silk  products are OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified and that means that no harmful substances are used in their production. That might also mean that your sheets will wrinkle, but that's a good thing because anti-wrinkle treatment is filled with terrible nasties that are used in.... preserving the dead. The fairies recommend hanging your sheets out to dry to reduce the wrinkles. 


Fairies have tried hard to make the colours look as close to real as possible. However, due to screen and studio lighting differences, the colours may differ in real life. Fret not, they are all pretty colours.